From Sitia(Airport) to Agios Nikolaos(Pension Mylos, Sarolidi 24 str.)
Distance: 72km

By car:

From the airport there is a direct exit to the highway E75 dierection to Agios Nikolaos.

Follow the highway signs all the way long till you arrive to Agios Nikolaos.

Once in the main junction in the entrace of the town, keep going straight in Lassithiou str. After one kilometer the road turns naturally to the right leaving the city hospital to the left. Turn left there in Knosssou str. and then keep straight following the street direction. After 300 meters the street changes to Nik.Plastira. Keep going straight downhill untill you get to Roussou Koundourou str. where you turn left. After 200 meters turn right and keep straight until Pasiafis str. Once there just follow the road and after 200 meters you get to an awesome opening having the sea and an island in the frond. Park the car, take a break and enjoy the view. You have arrived!!